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Special Seminar on Gender Sensitivity at Work Place
Posted by Tilak Ghosh on 21st May, 2012

“Sex is biologically determined but gender is a social construct. One is not born but becomes a woman through a process of gendering” said Dr. Chandreyee Das, Secretary of the Institute for Planning, Innovative Research, Appropriate Training and Extension (INSPIRATION, Kolkata) in a special seminar today at Ajay Divatia Lecture Hall organized by the Complaint Committee for Sexual Harassment of Women Employees at VECC.

Gender roles and identities are acquired through a process of gendering. Dr. Das explained that, this process is shaped by a number of agents of socialization e.g; the family, the education system, the workplace, the media, religious and cultural institutions. “Gender neutrality means treating everyone the same, of course not ignoring the special needs” she argued while interacting with the scientists.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Srivastava, Associate Director of our centre, mentioned in his introductory remarks that at VECC, we don’t have any gender discrimination.

Prof. Sohini Basu, Centre for Human Development Administrative Staff College of India at Hyderabad delivered an illuminating talk on “Gender and Science” after Chandryee’s seminar. Prof. Basu talked about the problems of the poor representation of women scientists in senior positions in the Indian science and technology centers/institutes. She also discussed about the measures and recommendations taken by the government to encourage practice of science by women. 

“One of the aims of Prof Basu’s talk was to aware scientists, technician, students and employees about sexual harassment in the workplace”, remarked Dr. Chandana Bhattacharya, Chairperson of the Complaint Committee regarding Sexual Harassment of women employees at VECC.