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Jhilam successfully defended his PhD thesis
Posted by Mishreyee Bhattacharya & Tilak Ghosh on 04 July, 2012

Congratulations to Jhilam Sadhukhan who successfully defended his PhD thesis today. His thesis deals with the statistical and dynamical model of nuclear fission. Jhilam, with his thesis supervisor Dr Santanu Pal, has developed a generalized Kramers’ formula that can be incorporated in statistical model calculation to extract more realistic values of nuclear dissipation. Nuclear dissipation, which slows down the nuclear fission process, is analogous to friction that we experience in our daily life.


Even before he finished his thesis, he received couple of offers of post doc positions from a national lab and a reputed university in the United States. He has accepted the offer of University of Tennessee and is set to fly on 17th July to join the post doc position.

Well done Dr. Sadhukhan, our best wishes is with you!