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Santu Manna received poster award at DAE Symposium
posted by Tilak Ghosh on 2nd January,2015

Santu Manna received the 2nd best poster award at the DAE Symposium on Nuclear Physics held at Banaras Hindu University during 08-12 December, 2014. In the poster, Santu presented the results of an experiment that studied fragment emission mechanism in reactions 12C + 12C (producing an alpha cluster like nucleus) and 13C + 12C (non-alpha cluster nucleus). Santu and his collaborators, found that the yield of the neutron rich nuclei 9Be is (~ 4 times) more in reactions 13C + 12C compared to 12C + 12C.  Study of fragments emission mechanism is considered to be an important tool to understand entrance channel effects in reactions involving alpha-cluster and non alpha-cluster like nuclei.

Congratulations Santu!