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Swagata defended his PhD thesis
Posted on 11th March, 2016 by Gargi Chaudhuri

Swagata Mallik successfully defended his PhD thesis. On 9th February, 2016, he delivered an open seminar, in presence of his thesis examiners, at the N.K. Ganguly Lecture Hall.

His thesis deals with the theoretical studies of statistical and dynamical models of nuclear multi-fragmentation. His thesis is first of its kind in the topic of fragmentation of nuclei from VECC. His work has made valuable contributions to both statistical and dynamical multifragmentation theories which is quite remarkable.  The thesis is expected to provide important guidelines for the upcoming facilities of our centre namely the superconducting cyclotron and the ANURIB. The quality of this work can be judged from the compliments received from one of the thesis examiners who considers this thesis to be among the best on the subject during the last two decades. Another examiner strongly recommends the thesis to be published as a book for the heavy ion reaction practitioners. A large number of publications in peer reviewed journals bear witness to an unusually productive body of work for a Ph.D student. All the best to him for the future.