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Tapan Rana received the DAE Young Scientist Award
Posted by Santu Manna & Tilak Ghosh on 8th November, 2016

Dr. Tapan Kumar Rana has been awarded with the DAE Young Scientist Award (YSA) for the year 2015 in recognition of his outstanding research work in Experimental Nuclear Physics. The award comprises of a citation and a medal apart from a handful of cash prize.

Dr. Rana has been involved in high quality basic nuclear physics experiments, over a decade, exclusively done in various accelerator facilities within India. He has also been involved in the development of several unique experimental facilities, which have been developed for the first time in India.

His pioneering work on the famous Hoyle state is acclaimed worldwide by the scientists in this field. The Hoyle state is a resonant state (02+ state at 7.654 MeV above the ground state) of 12C just above the 3α decay threshold named after Fred Hoyle who postulated this state to explain the abundance of Carbon in the universe. In his work Dr. Rana has performed a high statistics, high resolution, complete kinematical measurement (using a beam from VEC) of 3α-decay of the Hoyle state of 12C. This type of experiment is done for the first time in India. 

Apart from this, he has done some good work in various algorithms of nuclear temperature measurement, effect of clustering on fragment emission mechanism, study of isospin analog states using one nucleon transfer reaction, excited states of the Hoyle state in 12C and the Hoyle analogue states in 16O. Dr. Rana with his colleagues have successfully designed and developed a large high resolution Si-Strip, Si-Strip, CsI(Tl) detector array for nuclear reaction studies, which is an unique facility  ever made in the country, also unique and rare in many respect  even at international level. He has developed the Monte Carlo Simulation program and the event reconstruction technique for the data analysis on ROOT platform for the above mentioned high resolution multi-telescopes array for physics extraction. 

Congratulations Dr. Tapan Kumar Rana! You truly deserve this award.