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Physics Group launches website
posted by Tilak Ghosh

After months of preparation, editing and revision, the physics group has launched a comprehensive online info resource. The website features detailed activities of the group, with clickable sections segmenting it into four categories: Theoretical Physics, Experimental Nuclear Physics, Material Science and Nuclear Electronics.


Within each section, user can explore further the details about the key research activities in our group and research facilities. Every piece is highlighted with a short description, one or more photos. Details clickable info about the scientists and technical persons (some with photographs) are found in the “people” link while info about our post-docs and students are found in the “HRD” (acronym of Human Resource Development) tool bar of the landing page.


The site can be viewed at http://pgweb.vecc.gov.in/pgwebpage/


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please send your feedback .