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  • Lifetimes and transition probabilities for the low-lying states in 131 I and 132 Xe
    S. S. Alam, T. Bhattacharjee, D. Banerjee, A. Saha, S. Das, M. Saha Sarkar, and S. Sarkar
    Phys. Rev. C 99, 014306 (2019) 

  • Fission and quasifission of the composite system Z = 114 formed in heavy-ion reactions at energies near the Coulomb barrier
    E. M. Kozulin, G. N. Knyazheva, T. K. Ghosh, A. Sen, I. M. Itkis, M. G. Itkis, K. V. Novikov, I. N. Diatlov, I. V. Pchelintsev, C. Bhattacharya, S. Bhattacharya, K. Banerjee, E. O. Saveleva and I. V. Vorobiev
    Phys. Rev. C 99, 014616 (2019) 

  • S-shaped heat capacity in an odd–odd deformed nucleus
    Balaram Dey, N. Quang Hung, Deepak Pandit, Srijit Bhattacharya, N. Dinh Dang, L. T. Quynh Huong, Debasish Mondal, S. Mukhopadhyay, Surajit Pal, A. De, S. R. Banerjee
    Phys. Lett. B 789, 634 (2019)