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  • Title: The latest design of the IsoDAR high-intensity, H2+ driver beam for neutrino production.

    Speaker:  Dr. Daniel Winklehner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Laboratory for Nuclear Science USA

    Venue:   N. K. Ganguly Seminar Hall

    Date and time:  2017-05-31  4:00 pm


    The Isotope Decay-At-Rest experiment (IsoDAR) is a proposed experiment to search for “sterile”neutrinos. In order to be decisive within 5 years, the neutrino flux and, consequently, the driver beam current (produced by a cyclotron) must be high. H2+ was chosen as primary beam ion in order to reduce the electrical current and thus space charge. Still, the primary beam current is higher than existing cyclotrons have demonstrated which has led to a substantial R&D effort of our collaboration in the last years. 

    I will present the results of this research, including tests of prototypes and highly realistic beam simulations, which led to the latest physics-based design. The presented results demonstrate that it is feasible, albeit difficult, to accelerate 5 mA of H2+ to 60 MeV/amu in a compact cyclotron with clean extraction.

    All are welcome to attend.

  • Title: Relativistic dissipative hydrodynamics from kinetic theory: formulations and applications

    Speaker:  Dr. Amaresh Jaiswal, NISER, Bhubaneswar

    Venue:  N. K. Ganguly Seminar Hall

    Date and time:  2017-05-30  4:00 pm



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