Welcome to Physics Group
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata

The section is involved in the development of nuclear instrument modules for various projects of VECC. Some of the modules that were developed are Current Integrator, Charge Sensitive Amplifier, and a Dual Gate and Delay Generator and a Quad Fast Discriminator. The section also helps various users in the maintenance for many nuclear instrument modules. 

The section is in close association with Experimental High Energy Physics and Application (EHEPA) group and is involved in building electronics for high energy physics experiments being carried out by the EHEPA Group. The responsibilities include design, development and fabrication of readout boardsfor Photon Multiplicity detectors based on gas proportional chambers which were installed both at Brookhaven National Laboratory-USA and CERN – Geneva. At present the group is building readout PCBs and Front End Boards of GEM detectors for Muon chambers in CBM experiment which will be installed in future at GSI Darmstadt, Germany and developing front-end electronics for high resolution silicon detectors for the forward calorimeter in the ALICE Experiment.

The jobs involve extensive testing of ASICS like GASSIPLEX, MANAS in huge numbers individually before they are mounted on the readout boards. The assembled boards are tested individually first, in chains later and then finally on the detector applying high voltages.A cosmic ray setup has been made to test the prototype GEM detectors to study MIP response, variation of gain with HV and to determine the efficiency of the prototype detectors.