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Lekha Mandal Chowdhury
Official Address

Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre,

1/AF, Bidhannagar, Kolkata-700064, India.

Email: lekha[at]vecc.gov.in

Phone: +91 33 23182213

FAX:     +91 33 23346871


Present position

Scientific Officer (G)

Earlier positions held

• Scientific Officer, Reactor Engg. Division, Reactor Safety Division, BARC, Mumbai, 1988-2001.

• Scientific Officer, RIB Facility, VECC, Kolkata, 2001-2003.

• Scientific Officer, HPU (BARC), VECC, Kolkata, 2003-2019.


• B.E (Electronics and Telecommunication  Engineering)

• PhD (1999, Reliability Engineering): IIT Mumbai, INDIA.

(Thesis title: Condition Monitoring of Motor Operated Valves and their residual life assessment. )

Research Interests

> Spectroscopy

> Nuclear Instrumentation

> Accelerator and Reactor safety analysis. 

Selected Publications

1     Evaluated Safety analysis of Liquid metal target facility for   Medical cyclotron, Kolkata and mockup facility using  FMECA , HAZOP, FTA, ETA. This involved  identification, study and evaluation  of important Hazards. Reports submitted to LHPPD – “PSA OF ADSS TARGET AT medical cyclotron “ with  Appendix I – Fault  trees and Appendix II – Accident Sequences. This was submitted in 2012 (BARC/HPD/VECC/12/01).

2     PSA of INDUS2 was done and submitted with required suggestions. A report for INDUS-2 titled – “Fault Tree analysis of Beamline Safety systems –2013” to  the committee for Fault tree analysis of Beamline safety systems, RRCAT.

3     Report titled “Review of PSA for Material Science Beam  line at DAE Medical Cyclotron Project” was  submitted with detailed suggestions in 2014.

4     Submitted a Report titled – “Event Tree analysis of Indus 2  Beam line Front End systems –2015” to   RRCAT as asked by the committee.

Work on PSA of Material Science Beam Line, Medical cyclotron, Kolkata is in progress. Qualitative analysis was done. Human Error aspects were analysed quantitatively