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Jajati Kesari Nayak
Official Address

Room No-304, 3rd Floor Main Building
Theoretical Physics Division,
Physics Group
Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre
1/AF Bidhan Nagar Kolkata-700064, India.
E-mail: jajati-quark[at]vecc.gov.in
Telephone: 91-33-23182404, Fax: 91-33-23346871

Jajati  Kesari Nayak

Present position

Scientific Officer (E)

Earlier positions held

• Trainee Scientific Officer (2002-2003), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

• Research Fellow (2001-2002), Institute for Plasma Research, India


• PhD  : Homi Bhabha National Institute (VECC), India

• M.Sc. : Utkal University, India (Ravenshaw College)

• B.Sc : Utkal University, India

Research Interests

> Electromagnetic Signals of Quark Gluon Plasma(QGP): Real and Virtual photon productions in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collision
> Strangeness productions in Heavy Ion Collision
> Hydrodynamics

> Transport equation

Selected Publications

1. “Electromagnetic signals from Au+Au collisions at RHIC energy, √s =200 GeV and Pb+Pb collisions at LHC energy, √s =2.76 TeV”,
Jajati K. Nayak and Bikash Sinha,
Phys. Lett. B, 719, 110 (2013).

2. “Transverse momentum distribution of muon pairs from relativistic heavy ion collision”,
Jajati K. Nayak, Jan-e Alam, Tetsufumi Hirano, Sourav Sarkar and Bikash Sinha,
Phys. Rev. C, 85, 064906 (2012) [arxiv: 0902.0446].

3. “The horn in the kaon to pion ratio”, 
Jajati K. Nayak, S. Banik and Jan-e Alam, 
Phys. Rev. C,  82 (2010) 024914 [arxiv: 1006.2972(2010)].

4. “Measuring radial flow of partonic and hadronic phases in relativistic heavy ion collision”, 
Jajati K. Nayak and Jan-e Alam, 
Phys. Rev. C, 80 (2009) 064906, [arxiv: 0907.3036(2009)].

5. “Thermal photons to dilepton ratio in high energy nuclear collisions”, 
Jajati K. Nayak, Jan-e Alam, Sourav Sarkar and Bikash Sinha,
Phys. Rev. C, 78, 034903 (2008)[arxiv:0705.1591]

Talks Delivered 

Invited talks (Selected)

> “Electromagnetic radiations from Au+Au and Pb+Pb collisions at RHIC and LHC energies”,
Delivered at Theory Physics Division, TIFR, Mumbai, India on 22nd February, 2013.

> “Probing quark gluon plasma through electromagnetic radiations”,
Delivered at Theoretical Physics Division, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India, as a TPSC speaker on 21st June, 2012.

> “Primordial Soup: The Quark Gluon Plasma”,
Invited talk at the National Seminar on ‘Current developments in Physics” held at Dept. of Physics, North Orissa University, Baripada on 18th March, 2012.

> “Electromagnetic Probes”,
Plenary talk delivered at 12th International Workshop on High Energy Physics Phenomenology,WHEPP-XII, Mahabaleswar India, 2nd -8th January, 2012.

> “Indication of phase transition from radial flow of electromagnetic radiations”,
Invited talk at the workshop “Search for critical point”, Patnitop, 17-19 september 2009, Jammu University, Jammu, India.


“Electromagnetic Probes in High Energy Nuclear Collisions”, in the Workshop “Nearly Perfect Fluids from Quark Gluon Plasma to Ultra Cold Atoms” April 6-8 2009, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA.