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Gargi Chaudhuri
Official Address

Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre,

1/AF Bidhanangar, Kolkata -700064,


email: gargi[at]veccal.ernet.in

Phone: 91-33-23182313

Fax: 91-33-23346871

Gargi Chaudhuri

Present position

Scientific Officer (F)

Earlier positions held

Post-doctoral fellow, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 2006-2008


• PhD (2004) : Jadavpur University, INDIA (Thesis title: Study of dissipative dynamics in fission of hot nuclei using Langevin equation)

• M.Sc. (1995) : Jadavpur University, INDIA

• B. Sc. (1993) : Jadavpur University, INDIA

Research Interests

• Statistical models for nuclear multiragmentation

• Extraction of symmetry energy from different observables

• Liquid-Gas phase transition in nuclear matter

Talks Delivered 

Invited Talks

1.  Title:  'The Canonical and Grand Canonical Models  for nuclear multifragmentation'

Dec, 2009, International Syposium on Nuclear Physics, BARC, Mumbai, India.

2.  Title: 'Isoscaling, Symmetry Energy and Thermodynamic Models’

June 2008, Gordon Conference on Nuclear Chemistry, New London, NH, USA.

3.  Title:  'Dissipative Dynamics of Fission of Hot Nuclei'

Dec 2005, DAE-BRNS 50th Symposium on Nulcear Physics, BARC, Mumbai, India

Contributory talks

1. Title: ‘Properties of the largest fragment in multifragmentation – A Canonical Thermodynamical calculation’

Nov 2007, International Workshop on Multifragmentation and related topics, GANIL, Caen, France.

April 2007, American Physical Society meeting at Florida, USA.

Florida, USA.