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Sarmishtha Bhattacharyya
Official Address

Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre

1/AF, Bidhan Nagar, Kolkata – 700064.


Email : sarmi[at]vecc.gov.in

Phone : +91 33 23183291

Fax :     +91 33 23346871

Sarmishtha Bhattacharyya

Present position

Scientific Officer G

Earlier positions held

• Scientific Officer, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, 1994-1998

• Research Associate, GANIL, France, 2004-2006


• PhD (2003) : University of Jadavpur, Kolkata, INDIA

(Thesis title: Nuclear Structure Studies around A=140 region)

• Post M.Sc. Associateship Diploma Course on Radiological Physics, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata.

• M.Sc. (1991) : University of Calcutta, INDIA.

• B.Sc. (1988) : University of Calcutta, INDIA.

Research Interests

• Experimental Nuclear Structure physics using gamma ray spectroscopy and other ancillary detectors.

• Shell structure of neutron rich nuclei, exotic shapes and weakly bound nuclei.

• Nuclear Shell model and its applications

• Large arrays of High purity Germanium detectors and Neutron detectors and their application

• Radiation shielding and simulation of particle transportation

Selected Publications

1. Lifetime Measurements and Decay Spectroscopy of 132I
S. Bhattacharyya, D. Banerjee, S. K. Das, Soumik Bhattacharya, S. Das Gupta, G. Mukherjee, T. Bhattacharjee, A. Chowdhury, P. Das, R. Guin, H. Pai

EPJ Web of Conferences 66, 02009 (2014)

2. Towards the high spin-isospin frontier using isotopically-identified fission fragments
A. Navin, M. Rejmund, C. Schmitt, S. Bhattacharyya, G. Lhersonneau, P. VanIsacker,  M. Caamao, E. Clment, O. Delaune, F. Farget, G. de France, B. Jacquot

Phys. Lett. B728, 136 (2014)

3. High spin spectroscopy of 201Tl
S. Das Gupta, S. Bhattacharyya, H. Pai, G. Mukherjee, Soumik Bhattacharya, R. Palit, A. Shrivastava, A. Chatterjee, S. Chanda, V. Nanal, S. K. Pandit, S. Saha, J. Sethi, S. Thakur

Phys. Rev. C88, 044328 (2013)

4. Evidence for a spin-aligned neutron proton paired phase from the level structure of 92Pd
B. Cederwall, F. Ghazi Moradi, T. Back, A. Johnson, J. Blomqvist, E. Clement, G. de France, R.Wadsworth, K. Andgren, K. Lagergren, A. Dijon, G.Jaworski, R.Liotta, C.Qi,B.M.Nyako, J.Nyberg, M.Palacz, H. Al-Azri, A. Algora, G. de Angelis, A. Atac, S. Bhattacharyya, T. Brock, J. R. Brown, P. Davies, A. Di Nitto, Zs. Dombradi, A. Gadea, J. Gal, B. Hadinia, F. Johnston-Theasby, P. Joshi, K. Juhasz, R. Julin, A. Jungclaus, G. Kalinka, S. O. Kara, A. Khaplanov, J. Kownacki, G. La Rana, S. M. Lenzi, J. Molnar, R. Moro, D. R. Napoli, B. S. Nara Singh, A. Persson, F. Recchia, M. Sandzelius, J.-N. Scheurer, G. Sletten, D. Sohler, P.-A. Soderstrom, M. J. Taylor, J. Timar, J. J. Valiente-Dobon, E. Vardaci, S. Williams,

Nature, Vol 469, 68 (2011)

5. Structure of Neutron-Rich Ar Isotopes Beyond N=28
S. Bhattacharyya, M. Rejmund, A. Navin, E. Caurier, F. Nowacki, A. Poves, R. Chapman, D. ODonnell, M. Gelin, A. Hodsdon, X. Liang, W. Mittig, G. Mukherjee, F. Rejmund, M. Rousseau, P. Roussel-Chomaz, K.M. Spohr, and Ch. Theisen,

Phys. Rev. Lett. 101,032501 (2008)

Talks Delivered 

1. “Lifetime Measurement and Decay Spectroscopy of 132I”

Contributory talk at “International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC-2013)”, 2-7 June 2013, at Firenze, Italy.

2. “Structure of exotic nuclei with stable and radioactive beam”

Invited talk at workshop on “Science with Rare Ion Beams (SCRIBE-2012), 7-9 November 2012, at VECC, India.

3. “High spin spectroscopy of near spherical nuclei: role of intruder orbitals”

Invited talk at workshop on “Frontiers in Gamma ray Spectroscopy (FIG12)”, 5-7 March, 2012, at Inter University Accelerator Centre, New Delhi, India.

4. In-beam gamma-ray spectroscopy of exotic nuclei”

Invited talk at workshop on “Future Plan with Radioactive ion beam (FPRIB2012)”, 16th to 18th April, 2012, at Saha Institute Of nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India.

5. Structure of light neutron rich nuclei using peripheral collision”

Invited talk at theme Meeting on “Nucleus Nucleus Collision Around Fermi Energy” (NNCAFE 2010), 16-17 December, 2010, VECC, India.

6. “Probing the N=34 shell closure in neutron rich nuclei using deep-inelastic multi-nucleon transfer reactions”

Invited talk at “DAE-BRNS Symposium on Nuclear Physics”, 11-15  December, M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara, India.

7. “Reaction mechanism around the barrier with weakly bound nuclei”

Invited talk at XV-Colloque-GANIL, 2006, at Gien, France.