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Tapan Kumar Rana
Official Address

Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre

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E_mail: tapan[at]vecc.gov.in

Phone: +91 33-23182308

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Tapan Kumar Rana

Present position

Scientific Officer - F


Ph.D (2015): Homi Bhabha National Institute, Mumbai, India. 

M.Sc. (2002) : Utkal University, INDIA 

OCES-2003, BARC Training School

Research Interests
  • Instrumentation and detector development
  • Low and intermediate energy nuclear reaction
Selected Publications

1. “New high precision study on the decay width of the Hoyle state in 12C”  
T. K. Rana
et al.
Physics Letters B 793, 130 (2019).

2. “ChAKRA : The high resolution charged particle detector array at VECC”,
Samir Kundu, T.K. Rana et. al,
Nucl. Inst. Meth. A 943, 162411 (2019).

3. “Survival of cluster correlation in dissipative binary breakup of 24,25Mg*
S. Manna, T. K. Rana et al.
Phys. Rev. C  94, 051601(R) (2016).

4. “Estimation of direct components of the decay of the Hoyle state”
T. K. Rana et al., 
Phys. Rev. C 88, 021601(R) (2013)     

5. “Experimental investigation of T=1 analog states of 26Al and 26Mg”,
Vishal Srivastava, C. Bhattacharya, T. K. Rana et al., 
Phys. Rev. C 93, 044601 (2016).

Awards & Fellowships

DAE Group Achievement Award-2017 for low energy nuclear physics experiment, 2017. 

Aswini Kumar Rath Memorial award-2016 by Indian Physics Association (IPA, India), 2018. 

DAE Young Scientist award-2015 by Department of Atomic Energy, 2016. 

Young Physicist and S N Ghosal award 2015 by Indian Physical Society (IPS, India), 2015. 

DAE Group Achievement Award-2014 for the development of different types of gas detectors, 2014. 

DAE Group Achievement Award-2013 for development of a high resolution Si-strip, Si-strip, CsI(Tl) detector array for nuclear reaction studies in K520 superconducting cyclotron, 2013. 

DAE Group Achievement Award-2012 for the development of different types of neutron detectors, 2012.

Talks Delivered 

 “Signature of α-clusters in light nuclei” International DAE-BRNS Symposium on Nuclear Physics, held at BARC, Mumbai, during December 10 to 14, 2018.    

 “Experimental Facilities and Research Program at VECC”  National conference on “Recent Developments in Nuclear and Material Sciences*” during March 25-26, 2017, FM University, India.

 “Search for rotational state of Hoyle state in complete kinematic experiment 12C (α, α′) 3α”,  International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC-2013), Italy, June, 2013.

“Search of 22+ state of Hoyle state of 12C”  DAE Symposium on Nuclear Physics, Delhi University, Delhi, India, December, 2013.

“Structure and decay mechanism of Hoyle state” DAE Symposium on Nuclear Physics, Andhra Pradesh University, Visakhapatnam, December, 2012.

 “The Hoyle state of 12C” International 4th School-cum workshop on Low Energy Nuclear Astrophysics held at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, November, 2012.

“Charged Particle Detector Array at VECC” Workshop on Nuclear Physics using ion beams from cyclotron at VECC, Kolkata,August,  2011.

“High resolution charged particle detector array”  Theme Meeting on Nucleus-Nucleus Collision Around Fermi Energy (NNCAFE) at VECC, Kolkata, December, 2010.