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Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata

X-ray Diffractometer

D8 ADVANCE X-ray diffractometer 

Geometry : θ- θ Bragg-Brentano geometry 

Type of samples can be studied : thin metal sheet, powdered sample 

Detector type : Lynx-Eye™ detector providing very high count rate and angular resolution 

X-ray source : Cu, Co and Mo 

Spinner stage :

 i) Room temperature XRD

ii) in-situ high temperature XRD (attachment from Anton Paar with temperature controller HTK 16) 


The usability of different polycrystalline materials in our day to day life depends on their different physical and mechanical properties, which are mainly governed by the internal microstructures of these materials. Hence it is of great interest to study the microstructural changes in these materials due to deformation, ion irradiation and annealing. The microstructural changes inside a sample modify the shape and broadening of XRD peaks and this information can be extracted by detail analysis of the XRD data. Our main interest is characterization of this microstructure of different types of structural materials (e.g different zirconium and stainless steel based alloys) with the extent of deformation and also as a function of irradiation dose. 

Mounting a sample for XRD experiment