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Material Testing Machine

In order to study the mechanical properties of a material and to do subsequent analyses, mechanical testing has to be performed on the test specimen and at the same time information-rich data is needed. In our Materials Science section, the tensile testing is performed with the Universal Tensile Testing machine INSTRON (model 4482).


                                Fig. 1: INSTRON (model 4482) Universal Testing Machine

The machine is servo controlled and can measure the physical quantities, such as load and elongation with high accuracy. The load-elongation data can be recorded electronically with a very high sampling rate and tensile tests can be performed at a constant pulling rate. The sample is fixed between the two grips (Fig. 2) . The lower grip remains fixed, whereas the upper one moves upward with the pre-assigned speed. Strain rate jump tests, load relaxation experiments can also be performed with this apparatus. Figure 3 shows the shape of sample before and after a typical tensile test.

                                        Fig. 2 : A sample between the cross-heads                                           


                                           Fig. 3 : sample before and after the test

Different parameters of the machine with their corresponding specifications are represented in a tabular form below.