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Electronics for STAR PMD at BNL-USA

All the FEE boards are mounted on the detector. The entire readout is organized on 48 chains with each chain reading 1728 channels. Each chain consists of one Translator board, 27 Gas-4 Board and one buffer board to carry the analog multiplexed output signal to the DAQ system. A Translator board translates all NIM signals LVTTL levels required by Gassiplex. The control signals i.e. CLOCK, CLEAR, TRACK/HOLD signals are connected through the Lemo connectors on the board. The polarity of the signal output from the buffer board can be made positive or negative depending input polarity chosen on C-RAMS. The low voltage segmentation on the module is done using a low voltage distribution board.The DAQ system consists of CRAMS and Sequencer. Each C-RAM can handle 2K channels and can accept 2 inputs. The Inputs can be of either polarity. A maximum of 19 CRAMS can be controlled by one Sequencer which generates all control signals like Clock, Clear and Track/HOLD signals.



A closer view of the Gas4, translator and buffer boards on the detector.