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Subrata Mukherjee laid down his tools on 30th April
Posted on 30th April, 2012 by Tilak Ghosh

“We are going to miss one of our sincere, quiet and efficient technical persons from tomorrow” said Dinesh Kumar Srivastava, in the farewell party of Mr Subrata Mukherjee who is officially attending his last day in VECC today. “Mr. Mukherjee single handedly made the scattering chamber of K130 Cyclotron beam hall as one of the best experimental facilities in our centre” Dr. Srivasatava mentioned in the gathering at the VIP lounge of our guest house today morning.

Mr. Subrata Mukherjee joined VECC in November, 1977 as a casual employee. He is a permanent member of VECC family since 1983. In his farewell speech, Subrata-da mentioned about his earlier days of working under the able supervision of Dr. Chintalpudi, Dr. Sudhee Ranjan Banerjee, and Sri G. S. N. Murthy, who build the scattering chamber of the K130 cyclotron beam hall. “The best thing about VECC is that, if you are interested to learn something and approach a person, everyone is eager to help you. No one has ever told ‘no’ to me, when I went for any kind of help” recalled Subrata-da.

While Dr. Sudhee Ranjan Banerjee mentioned Subrata Mukherjee’s expertise in machining, Dr. Saila Bhattacharya , one of the first users of the scattering chamber, pointed out his hard work. Dr. Sarmistha Bhattacharya, Dr. Tumpa Bhattacharya, Pulok Mukhopadhay and Anindita Choudhury who shared their office with Subrata-da, mentioned about his quite nature, helping attitude and passion to his work. They are surely going to miss a member of their “songsar” (family). According to Dr. Amlan Roy, they couldn’t achieve success in their precision measurement experiments without the help of Subrata-da. Dr. Chandana Bhattacharya recalled her close interaction with Subrata-da to solve vacuum related problems.  Dr. Gopal Mukherjee will miss Subrata-da every time when he will need to open the gate valve in the beam line!

“Every generation thinks that they are the best worker. It’s the responsibility of the future generation to prove it wrong” said Dr. Santanu Pal in his short speech. In a witty note, he reminded the scientists, technicians, students and employees in the gathering, that Mr Subrata Mukherjee is sharing his retirement day with the AEC chairman!

At the end of the party, Imran, the youngest member of our group handed over the farewell card and a box of small gift to Mr. Mukherjee.

Mr. Subrata Mukhrejee will be dearly missed amongst us. He still has a long way to go in his personal life. The Physics Group wishes a wonderful future for him.