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How much a heavy quark is dragged by Quark Gluon Plasma?
posted by Tilak Ghosh & Mishreyee Bhattacharya on 3rd October 2012


If you want to know “How much a heavy quark is dragged by Quark Gluon Plasma”, go and ask our graduate student Santosh. That’s all about his PhD thesis is !


Just after submitting his PhD thesis in April, 2012, Santosh Kumar Das went to Seoul, Korea to work as visiting scientist in Yonsei University. Last week he came back to VECC to defend his PhD thesis. He delivered an open seminar on last Friday at the Raja Ramanna Research Scholar’s Wings Seminar Hall where his thesis examiners were present.

In the PhD thesis entitled “Heavy flavor production and propagation in heavy ion collision”, Santosh has evaluated the darg force of Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP), the primordial fluid that filled up the micro-second old universe. He has estimated the drag force of QGP formed at collisions of Gold (Au) nuclei at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at USA by contrasting his theoretical results with experimental data.

Santosh has published the results of his research work (3 papers) in Physical Review C and (4 papers) in Physical Review D journals. Among these 7 papers, 2 papers were published as Rapid Communications.

Santosh will spend with us at VECC until next week. He is going back to his home in Orissa before he flies to Catania in Italy to join a post doc position for four years in the Catania University.

Well done Dr. Santosh Kumar Das!  The Physics Group wishes all the best to you for a fascinating carrier ahead.