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Five students defended their PhD thesis
Posted by Tilak Ghosh and Mishreyee Bhattacharya on 21st December, 2012


Haridas Pai defended his PhD thesis today morning. This was the final thesis defense seminar by a student pursuing PhD at VECC of the Pre-doc batch 2007-08.

On last Wednesday, Sabyasachi Ghosh defended his PhD thesis successfully.

                                                                            Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh and Dr. Haridas Pai

Santosh Kumar Das delivered his thesis seminar on 28th September. Victor Roy and Payal Mohanty, the other two students of the same batch successfully defended their thesis on 27th November.

Congratulations to Dr. Santosh Kumar Das, Dr. Victor Roy, Dr. Payal Mohanty, Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh and Dr. Haridas Pai. Physics Group wishes all the best for your career ahead.