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Deepak Pandit received YPC-2014 award
posted by Tilak Ghosh on 25th August, 2014

Dr. Deepak Pandit has been selected as the 2nd best speaker in the Young Physicists Colloquium (YPC 2014) held at Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics during 21-22 August, 2014. He was awarded with a handful of cash prize, apart from books and a certificate.

Young Physicist Colloquium (YPC) is a well known yearly event, organized by the Indian Physical Society. 23 young physicists (of age less than 35 years) were selected from the country to present their research work. A board of judges selected the best three presentations.

Deepak’s research work deals with the probing of different nuclear shapes via the decay of Giant Dipole Resonances (GDR) in hot rotating nuclei. Giant dipole resonance (GDR) occurs in nuclei because of the out of phase oscillations of protons and neutrons. This is an excellent probe to study the deformation of  nuclei. Deepak and his group members have developed an efficient detector array (Large Area Modular Barium Fluoride Array, they call it LAMBDA array) to detect these GDR gamma rays.  From the experiments carried out with beams from K-130 cyclotron at VECC, he has shown that Jacobi shape transition, which occurs in gravitating rotating stars, also takes place in atomic nucleus using GDR as a probe.

Well done Dr. Deepak Pandit, congratulations!