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Founders Day Award

Dr. Deepak Pandit and Dr. Gopal Mukherjee have made us proud. Deepak has been selected for the prestigious "Young Scientist Award" and Gopal bagged the “Scientific & Technical Excellence Award” for the year 2013 in recognition of their outstanding contributions in their work. The award, given annually by the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), consists of a citation and medal, apart from cash prize.

A 15 member group of scientists and technicians, under the leadership of Dr. Saila Bhattacharya, received the "Group achievement Award 2013" for the successful development of Charged Particle Detector Array at VECC.  

The awards were given in a ceremony held in Bhabha Atomic Reasearch Centre (BARC), Mumbai on 30th October, the Founders Day at BARC

Hearty congratulations to Dr. Pandit, Dr. Mukherjee and Dr. Bhattacharya and his team, on their achievements!