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Vishal Srivastava defended his thesis
posted on 28th April, 2016 by Santu Manna & Tilak Ghosh

Congratulations to Vishal Srivastava who recently defended his PhD thesis.

Vishal performed his thesis experiment  using deuteron beam of energy 25 MeV from VECC K130 cyclotron on 27Al target to extract spectroscopic information about different excited states of 26Al and 26Mg populated through the 27Al(d , t) and 27Al(d , 3He) reactions, respectively. The nucleus 26Al is very important in recent astrophysics research, as it is the first cosmic radioactivity detected through its characteristic gamma rays in the interstellar medium and its lifetime (106 year) is much shorter as compared to the time for galactic evolution (1010 year). The detection of 26Al at the present time indicates that nucleosynthesis is currently active in the massive stars within our galaxy and it is known that massive stars are the main sources for the origin of 26Al . Also the decay of 26Al may be used as an isotopic chronometer for galaxies  and it is also used to probe the Standard Model. So, detailed knowledge of the structures of 26Al and 26Mg is necessary to understand the formation of 26Al as well as its destruction  in our galaxy in order to understand its evolution.

Well done Dr. Srivastava, we wish you all the best.