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Our science and scientists are in the news.
posted by Tilak Ghosh 14th December, 2017

Calcutta edition of the leading Indian English daily “The Telegraph” featured three scientists of our group: Dr. Chandana Bhattacharya, Dr. Parnika Das and Dr. Sarmistha  Bhattacharyya.

Chandana is leading a group of scientists in the country for building hundreds of neutron detectors to be used for experiments at VECC as well as at the international Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) in Germany.  She is also the Head of the Experimental Nuclear Physics Division at VECC.  Parnika is building a device that can trap a single atom to measure it’s mass precisely. Sarmistha, a well-known experimentalist in the country is basically involved in research to understand the nature of fundamental force that binds nuclei.

Anasuya Basu, the reporter of The Telegraph unveils the interesting story of the grooming up of these FAIR ladies and their love for Physics.

Sarmistha, the leader of the Public Awareness Cell of VECC feels happy to see the newspaper report. “Although I prefer to consider myself only as a physicist, but I will be glad if this report inspires young girls to take science as a career”, said Sarmistha.    

The report of The Telegraph, published on 7th December 2017, can be found in this link: