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  • Exploring quasifission dynamics in reactions leading to the formation of 225Pa
    K. Atreya , A. Sen, T. K. Ghosh , A. K. Nasirov , D. Paul, Md. Moin Shaikh, K. Banerjee, C. Bhattacharya,Samir Kundu, S. Manna, G. Mukherjee , S. Nandi, R. Pandey, T. K. Rana,Pratap Roy, S. Mukhopadhyay etal
    Phys. Rev. C 108, 034615 (2023)

  • Enhanced symmetry energy may bear universality of r-process abundances
    José Nicolás Orce, Balaram Dey, Cebo Ngwetsheni, Srijit Bhattacharya, Deepak Pandit, Brenden Lesch, Andile Zulu
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 525, Issue 4, 6249 (2023). 

  • Statistical approach of nuclear multifragmentation with realistic nuclear equation of state
    S. Mallik
    Phys. Rev. C 107, 054605 (2023)

  • Pairing phase transition in an odd–even hot 69Zn nucleus
    Enakshi Senapati, Satabdi Mondal, Srijit Bhattacharya, Deepak Pandit, N Dinh Dang, Nguyen Ngoc Anh, L T Quynh Huong, Rajkumar Santra, N Quang Hung, and Balaram Dey
    J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 50 (2023) 075104 (10pp)

  • Frequency mixing property of electron cloud in a Penning trap at room temperature
    Joydip Nandi, A.K. Sikdar, Parnika Das, A. Ray
    Nucl. Instru. and Meth. A, 1056,168647 (2023).